50-150 Ton Blocks

McKissick - Gunnebo Johnson

McKissick Blocks 70 Series


 Rod & Tubing Tongs
Oil Country - WPI -  Carter - Gill - Foster Type

Well Servicing Rod Tongs

oil well tubing tongs


Pipe Handlers

Service King Manufacturing

Oil well drilling pipe handler


Top Drives

Oil Drilling Top Drive


Power Swivels

Skid and Trailer mounted oil rig power swivel



Iron Roughnecks

Oil drilling iron roughneck


Mud Pumps

Oil Well Drilling F-1000 triplex Mud Pump

Rotary Tables

Oil well drilling kelly bar rotary table


Drilling Blocks & Drilling Swivels

Oil well Driling blocks and drilling swivels



Dead Line Weight Indicators

Oil rig dead line weight indicators



Weight Indicators

Oil Rig Weight Indicator



Kelly Spinners

Oil rig kelly spinner



Manual Slips

Oil well manual slip



Pipe Spinner

Oil Well Pipe Spinner



Rod Hooks

Well Service rod hooks



Slips & Bowls

Oil well slips and bowls



Tubing Slips

Oil well service tubing slip



Tubing Elevators

Oil well service tubing elevator




Winch Oil well service and drilling



Replacement Engines

Replacement oil rig engines Detroit and Caterpillar CAT diesel zero hour engines on hand



Draw works Clutches and Sprockets

Drawworks clutches and sprockets for oil and gas well service rigs



Brake Bands and Pads

Draw works Brake Bands and brake pads



Replacement cabs

Oil rig replacement cab



90 Boxes

Draw works 90 boxes



Disc Brake Calipers

Draw works Disc brake calipers



Leveling Jacks
 Leveling Jacks for Oil and gas well service and drilling rigs



Replacement Transmissions

oil rig replacement transmissions allison zero hour in stock